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Home Town: London

One of the founding members of successful Grime collective, Roll Deep, Flowdan’s growing success comes in the form of multiple facets from Dubstep to Carnival-esque bounce to out and out Bass Music.

His talents, first nurtured in Jungle, became firmly fixed in the then new, Grime music originating from East London, UK where he is classes as an originatore and enjoyed a string of successful releases with his crew, Roll Deep, whilst also starring in tracks such as ‘Skeng’ by renowned Dubstep producer, The Bug featuring Killa P. These successes paired with his remarkable stage presence sees him touring the world consistently.

2012 saw him perform with the Kaleidoscope Orchestra and screened on SBTV plus the completion of tracks outside of his comfort zone as an artist, showing that Flowdan is a force to be reckoned with, there’s nothing slowing him down and 2013 sees the launch of an exciting new project which we’ll announce in due time.

Decibel ft flow dan - Skanks

Decibel ft flow dan - Skanks

It's bashment o'clock round Decibel towers judging by the sound of his new bomb, and the currently on fire Newcastle producer doesn't appear to be mellowing any time soon. It's all about the party here on "Skanks", mercilessly so, especially with the legendary grime MC Flowdan on vocal duties - there won't be a dancefloor left alive after this incendiary fusion of footwork, tropical and hysterical rave is dropped. Just in the (unlikely) case it doesn't rock your world, there are two extra mixes supplied - Hybrid Theory deliver a slower, wobble-heavy housey version, while the Enigma Dubz mix defiantly keeps the classic dubstep sound alive!